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intro/ hormonal research

winter girl


okay so this is my sleuthing blog, dedicated to the immense amount of research i have done regarding hormones, gut health, bad habits, etc, all relating to skin. 

i dont really know how im going to format this blog, i guess ill just add new entries as i learn something new about the body in relation to acne formation. 

now to start, im going to be talking about contraceptives (i have lots of experience with this devil)


so today in my gender studies class,  we were talking about "gender myths" and because my whole life now revolves around my acne and i feel as though i am plagued with my trauma from taking plan b and getting the copper iud 8 months ago, the first thing i thought of when i heard "gender myths" was how women are looked to to provide the means of birth control. 

and by provide, i mean that they have to subject themselves to getting on the pill just to have "safe sex". 

like, okay, im gonna sound really anal but im really against hormonal contraceptives. its different if you need it for acne or pcos, but when a girl with perfect skin or health feels like the pill is her only answer to having sex, it makes me sick.

after what i went through, you could say i am biased.  once again, i know that they get prescribed for acne, pcos, and other hormonal imbalances, but damn, why are they even legal? like theyre synthetic hormones, women are flooding their systems with synthetic hormones for years and years and yes they say 90% of women can get pregnant within the first three months of getting off the birth control, but its insane how you become reliant on this little pill, because it creates an even bigger imbalance once youre off it. 

and its not like women are doing this voluntarily, i mean literally, they are, but they wouldnt be getting on the pill if they didnt feel like that was the only choice they had so that they could have sex. 

i know condoms arent the most popular anymore, because the pill exists, but seriously, girls, its not worth it. 

i know of this girl who went on the pill to have unprotected "safe" sex, and the pill messed her up emotionally and mentally, that she doesnt have a sex drive anymore. so her and her partner arent doing it. she didnt go on the pill for acne and shes was always hormonally balanced, as far as i know, so she solely took the pill for having sex, and now shes not even having it because the pill ruined her sex drive and is making her depressed. isnt that the most ironic shit ever?

a lot guys look to girls like its our responsibility-ONLY OUR responsibility- to go on birth control for them. 

when i got the copper iud, that was all me. my boyfriend really didnt force me into it, or make me feel like i had to do it for our sex life. it was all me. and i blame myself for getting it everyday, because it did really have a negative impact on my health and acne. 

i was just so brainwashed by society and thinking that i have to do this to my body, i am the one who's responsible for not getting pregnant. 

but that couldnt be farther from the truth. 

women are looked to, to go mess up their hormones, rather than just using a fucking condom. 

if birth control "works" for you, whatever that may mean, that wont make me change my mind about it. its something unnatural. and its unbelievable how planned parenthood just hands out birth control like candy. they dont properly explain the side effects, and all of your other options before handing you the pill. 

they just hand it out to fucking twelve year olds, who dont know any better. they go on to mess up their hormones long term, and have complications in the future with it, or with getting off of it because now they have a bunch of problems they didnt have before taking it ie, acne, weight gain/loss, blood clots, migraines, depression, anxiety, and so much more. 

i just think it should be regulated even more and people should shed light on what really happens to them during the time they take birth control. all people ever say is how "it works, cause im not pregnant", but what about all of the other SHIT you have to deal with, that the pill is contributing to, what about all of that? is it really worth it? 

i had the copper iud in me for six weeks. my acne worsened, my depression worsened, and i lost a lot of hair (i dont know if hairloss was written as a side effect on the contract, but i definitely noticed my hair falling out after the first week of it in) they say this iud is not hormonal, but people are slowly coming out with more research that it can damage your thyroid, and lead to copper toxicity. copper levels in your body affect estrogen, by making it rise, and this, in turn, depletes zinc and progesterone levels. all of these things are hormone related, and ive even read some forums on here about people who broke out badly from the copper iud. so when they say it's non hormonal, they are lying through their coffee stained teeth. 

i got the copper iud when i was 17, at planned parenthood, for free. it was really scary how easy it was to get a stranger to shove a foreign object inside of my uterus. you'd think they would have more precautions? if only they turned me down, said i had to get parental consent, if only they had more of those regulations, i would not have gotten it, and my health wouldnt have deteriorated. 

i just have a lot of anger towards the people who think it is ok to give iuds, or hormonal birth control to a twelve year old. like i get it, its better than them going out and getting pregnant, only to have to get an abortion which is even MORE damaging to your physical and mental health. but the stigma against condoms needs to stop. like condoms are effective, and people need to stop forcing young girls and scaring them into taking birth control to avoid pregnancy. they need to start telling guys to always wear condoms!

i have a lot more to say but im tired. bye


hey its a few hours later and i just saw this video in my recommended on youtube after i wrote this^ entry. its a short, comedic video called, "if birth control commercials were honest" and i think all of you should watch it. i watched it and it literally described everything i just discussed. just watch it. 



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