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Another new journey



Hey guys

Wow can't believe it's been four years since my last post and seven since my very first.  Ever since my skin cleared with birth control and differin my journey has been pretty smooth. My skin texture hasn't always been great and this has been my biggest 'struggle' but I did manage to get my acne under control after a pretty traumatic outbreak back in 2012/13.  

I am still on my anti depressants.  I did successfully come of them but after about six months my mood and anxiety changed and I just felt I had better nip it in the bud and go back on them.  My dose is low so I might just be one of those people who need a little help to balance my mood and anxiety and the chemicals in my brain.

My new journey now is coming off birth control, which I have been on for the last seven years and which I believe was the major contributing factor to my acne clearing up, I have been on Dianette for about 18 months and Cilest ever since, with not much bother.  

For various reasons I have decided now to try and come off.  I have done so a few times, as I have been on and off the pill over all for the last 18 years.  However this last run of seven is the longest I have stayed on it.

I am conscious that my skin may flare up again, it has before when I came off the pill, and other times it actually improved a bit when I came off, so I'm just now sure how it will go this time.  I found my blog really helpful the last time to keep track and keep me balanced so I have decided to start it up again.

I have now been off the pill for about a month and just waiting on my first 'official' period for seven years to start.  So far my skin has been fire, but it's early days.

My current routine is as follows


1. Eve Taylor balancing cream cleanser - or  - Klair facial toner if I have done a deep cleans/mask the night before

2. Eve Taylor balancing toner, just a spritz

3. Cerave spf 25 daily moisturiser



1. Eve Taylor balancing cream cleanser then Priori aha gentle cleanser - maybe a few times a week after Eve Taylor

2. Eve Taylor balancing toner - or -  Klair toner

I try not to rinse my face with water when cleansing, I'll dampen my hands and take off the cleanser with a tissue.  If I'm using the Klair toner at night I will press in rather than wipe and it has HA in it and other moisturising properties so it is more like putting it back into your skin rather than wiping it off.  If I feel I need a little extra cleanse I will spritz my Eve Taylor toner on a cotton pad and wipe gentle over my face.

3. Dr Jart Ceramidin moisturiser

4. Treatment (if needed) - SA gel 


Once a week I do an amazonian clay mask with acv and follow the next night with a collagen or moisture sheet mask.

Occasionally I throw a serum into the mix before my moisturiser at night.


Dr Jart Ceramidin moisturiser, if you have never tried it, and have a damage moisture barrier, my god it's been amazing, it has transformed my skin texture.  It's just not as dry/bump and dehydrated.  Great product, on my third tube and that is unheard of for me.

My other staple is the Priori aha gentle cleanser, amazing at helping with texture and those clogged pores.


Anyway just getting it all down on paper to keep me right and will keep up to date with any changes.

Oh should also say I take a few supplements - fish oil tablet twice a day and vitamin D once a day.


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