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2 Months (week 7 and 8)



Hi everyone,

I didn’t realize its already been two weeks since my last post. I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent. Work has kept me really busy these days. The past two weeks have been challenging. The first week, I broke out moderately and I have no idea why. The second week consisted of healing and mild break outs. Discussion below, pics at the bottom. 


What I’m experiencing: A couple days after I wrote my last post on Sept 4, I broke out on both cheeks. I don’t have any pictures from that week but it was bad enough that it had me questioning what I could’ve possibly done to trigger it. And I really have no clue. It could be the weather getting cooler, sugar, dairy, stress, splashing with water, or any combination of the above. It’s impossible to know for sure. I left my skin alone for a few days to see what would happen. It has healed a little since then. 


What I’m doing: At first I was splashing with water every other day. But I felt like my skin was pretty dry when I did that. The dryness probably contributed to my breakouts. So I stopped. My routine is back to nothing. And its going to stay that way. 


Other notes:  I’ve deviated away from doing nothing to my skin the past month; water, water every other day, wiping with a towel. I experimented because I wanted to know if there was something I could do to speed up the process to clear skin. Ultimately, I learned that there isn’t anything better than just leaving it the hell alone. Yes, I might still break out every so often but it’s a journey. And I think I just have to accept that this journey has ups and downs. You wont be pleased to see the progress pics for 2 months and neither will I. But I’m going to keep pushing forward. Updates next week. 

Below are pics summarizing the past month:7A23EB46-5353-41BD-BD8C-D1CFADF64B11.jpeg.5d81fda793d3fa87f63348f7f858cbc6.jpegFB7B6A9B-BC86-4893-8EE8-F01174CF0609.jpeg.660b0778876fc4727d11ae00c688222f.jpeg5B21AAED-576C-4748-9201-B283C5DF7641.jpeg.1a28d5d65fceebdbdf31e0e2d15bc6fb.jpegBA152D6C-150C-4B75-BC12-28D8E27F09F8.jpeg.c038886f75d1f02d844ceb1f138f2391.jpeg


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