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Week 5



Hi everyone!

I can’t believe I’m still updating this blog 5 weeks in. This might be the most consistent thing I’ve ever done. Anyways, this is another one of those weeks where you’re not sure what you did wrong. It felt like I was doing SO well last week. From my August 15th pictures, it looked like I was finally clearing up for good. But, just a couple days later, I broke out in 3-4 angry zits!! More discussion below, progress pics at the bottom. 

What I’m experiencing: Like I said above, my skin was doing so well by August 15th. And then seemingly out of nowhere, 3-4 angry red inflamed zits came out. Dryness has not improved. Flakiness has not improved either. When my skin broke out, it seemed like it was not going to improve. I just continued to break out in smaller pimples throughout the next couple of days. I felt frustrated because I didn’t know whether this caveman thing was really helping me or not. One week its great, the next is a nightmare. How am I supposed to know if its really working? Today, August 25th is really hard for me because my skin looks like its almost back at square one. 


What I’m doing: I’m still not doing anything. No water, no scrubbing, no cleanser, no moisturizer. I really missed the gym so I went three times this past week. I don’t clean my skin after the gym either. I felt extremely frustrated with my skin today when I woke up. The texture is flaky and grainy and gross. It’s still dry as hell with little to no improvement. And of course, new angry breakouts. So....I wiped all the dead skin off with a cold wet towel. I gave in!!! I’m sorry!! Clearly, not washing in any way was not working for me. There was no improvement visually, and it still felt exceedingly dry. I really just wanted to restart and try something different. My brother doesn’t do anything except wipe his face with a wet towel every few days and his skin is great. In addition, I think the thick dead skin mask and the sweat from working out was irritating and causing my break outs because I didn’t start to break out until after I started working out again. So I’m going to try wiping with a cold wet towel a couple times a week. 

Note: Some other things that might be contributing to my break outs; sugar or dairy consumption (i love iced coffee), stress from moving and new job, or the sun or all of the above. I will be continuing to update you all on my results with this new routine. Wish me luck. 

Progress pictures(Aug 25 picture shows my skin several hours after finally wiping off that dead skin mask. It is still a little irritated)353CDBF5-BF60-4A3F-8F95-BE05F9DACCE1.jpeg.86e4680f820876e40997cd06e21ffa41.jpegBD54B465-DDBB-4101-B9A5-65044EA4F2F4.jpeg.78a4f79d2b9917e827165b4f8fffaf56.jpeg


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