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Need to customize Acne.org regimen as per your own skin's need



My Intro-

Hi all. I have been an acne sufferer for 20 years. I had given up on all skincare products after trying for several years fruitlessly. First gust of relief came in 2015 when I watched a success story on youtube about the Regimen and landed on acne.org. website:

Best takeaway from acne.org-

1. I started using BP for topical treatment (very small quantity) along with Nutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer. It worked very well for 3-4 years.

2. Dan is probably the only person in the world who explains with painstaking detail how to wash your face, how to apply the treatment and the moisturizer.

Caution regarding the regimen-

BP on whole face overnight may have insidious effects on certain skin types and impair skin barrier (trial and error on frequency and duration may become frustrating.  Such people must consider short contact treatment of 2 to 20 min BP application)- After 3-4 years of topical use of BP, my skin began to become rough with comedones again. Once again I went on a researching spree on the internet, particularly youtube. Saw random youtubers and wasted lot of time and money on tea tree oil, argan oil, sheet masks etc, which did not move a single comedone. Finally I decided to revisit acne.org for any updates. Saw Dan's morning and night regimen videos (full face coverage with BP). I then decided to go on the regimen, giving up on topical treatment.

My experience with the Regimen- After a month and a half of being on the regimen, I had to conclude that it does not work for my skin and its history (we acne sufferers usually have a history of skin abuse due to misinformation, resulting in an already impaired skin barrier). Even though I began really slow (very little quantity of BP every other night and never in the day), I ended up burning my skin in a very insidious manner. While I kept looking for burning signs such as severe tingling, reddishness or peeling, I was in for a rude shock. I did not experience any of this, but what I did experience was warming up of skin. Failing to recognize this symptom, I continued to use BP with reduced frequency (once a week, only at night..further reduced to 2 hr only). After experiencing this warming up of skin for about a month, one day I saw some redness on cheek (I had no clue if it was fresh acne, or BP burn..when in reality it was first sign of barrier impair!!). After the last BP application, the skin warming was so intense and painful, I had no idea what was happening n how to stop it, my whole world was falling apart as I knew it. I worsened the heating with cold compression (should have used cool compress instead). At the end of month and a half of regimen, I was left with 3 burn patches and a highly impaired skin barrier.


1. Full face application of BP may not be suitable for all skin types and their history- Such persons must consider short contact treatment (2 to 20 min appli of BP on areas experiencing breakout).

2. An even better option is use of skin barrier repair products specially NMF+HA by the Ordinary- This product worked like magic on my barrier impaired skin (following prolonged use of BP). It made my skin capable of self-healing and gave me a clear skin without use of any other acne treatments. A big shoutout for NMF+HA.

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