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Week 3



Hi everyone!

We made it to week 3. I wish I could say all of my problems are over and my skin is glowing and flawless. Unfortunately, I’ve hit some roadblocks along the way; increased breakouts, worsening dryness and granular texture. To summarize, week 3 felt like a step backward. In-depth discussion below but otherwise, progress pics are at the bottom. 


What I’ve been experiencing: I’ve had some big breakouts this week that I’m still recovering from. My skin seems to break out only on my cheeks and near my mouth. Dryness is another issue this week. It seems to have worsened since week 2. And that is likely due to the fact that the weather in week 3 was cooler than week 2. Hot weather makes me sweat which in turn keeps my skin hydrated. The weather was probably why week 2 went so well. But when it isn’t hot, my skin actually feels drier. So I’ve been battling dryness this week and sadly losing. It doesn’t matter what I do; moisturize or not moisturize, splash with water or not. Its still been dry this week. And the dryness is probably weakening my skin barrier and causing the breakouts as well. I need to find a way to improve hydration. 


What I’ve been doing: In the beginning of the week, I was only moisturizing in the morning, splashing with water and moisturizing at night. But, because I was feeling super dry, I stopped splashing altogether. For the majority of this week, I have not splashed my face. I only use moisturizer when necessary. None of these changes really helped though. 


Other notes about this week: In my previous post, I said I worked from home so I rarely needed to be outside. However, for a couple days this week, I needed to be outside for long hours. The sun did not help; I felt that it irritated my skin, made it slightly red and impeded healing even though I wore sunscreen. I also suffer from insomnia which was very bad this week. So lack of sleep may also be contributing to the poor results of this week. 

Conclusion: This week sucked. But I will keep hanging on. I want to give this regimen at least 3 months. Stay tuned for 1 month update next week. 




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