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Week 2



Hi everyone,

This is my 2 week update. Week 2 has been much kinder to me than week 1 has. I’m experiencing some interesting results. I can finally see some healing and clearing happening and I’m very happy about that. Keep reading for a more in depth discussion but otherwise my week 1-week 2 progress pictures are below. 

Note that it hasn’t exactly been a week; I’ll be busy the next couple of days so I decided to post a little early.

What I’m experiencing: I’ve had some skin flakiness which is normal according to others who have done the caveman regimen. It doesn’t bother me as I moisturize in the morning. The moisturizing really helps minimize the appearance of flaking skin. I did STILL have a few breakouts throughout the week but they heal in 2-3 days time. My skin feels less inflamed; redness is pretty much gone. I still have a bit tightness which becomes most apparent when I smile. I’m hoping that will go away soon. The texture of my skin feels pretty horrendous; it feels granular and rough. But I’m not very concerned with that. 

What I’m doing: I don’t always follow my routine (which, if you haven’t read my previous posts is a splash of water and Eucerin 5% urea cream in the morning and just the urea cream again at night). I allow for some flexibility as the weather here can sometimes be very very hot and drop down 30 degrees the next day. On hot days, I don’t do anything to my skin before I go to bed. I leave the sweat on my face because sweat has amazing healing qualities. And I always find that leaving it alone overnight yields great results the next day. If the weather is less hot, my skin might feel dry and itchy which I will avoid at all costs. That is when I will moisturize before going to bed. I do NOT clean my face before applying moisturizer. I also drink lots of water through the day. In summary, hydration is key for me. Ideally, I want my skin to hydrate itself through its natural oil production and sweat. But if it needs some help, I will moisturize before bed. In the morning, a splash of cold water, pat dry and Eucerin 5% urea. 

A note about my routine: I work from home as of right now which is a luxury because I don’t enjoy slathering spf on my face. But if you want to try the caveman regimen and you do need to be outside, wear sunscreen please. UV rays cause damage to the skin. Trust me, I know from my previous attempt at the caveman regimen. Ideally, just stay out of the sun. I believe this is what made a huge difference between my first attempt at the regimen and my current and second. 

Overall, healing is a lot slower than I expected but steady. I’m pleased with this week, I can’t wait to show you guys week 3. Thanks for following along.

Progress pictures: (The marks you see on my July 31st skin are just hyperpigmentation or pimples on their way out. I only have 2 active pimples right now which I feel will likely go away by tomorrow.)




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