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Summer 2019 Updat Part Deux



Two updates in one month.....how fancy.  I just wanted to come on here to update my naturopath visit and acne.  Let's start with the acne.  It's been bad, really bad.  I developed a cysts around July 15th and it finally has deflated a lot.  It will definitely leave hyperpigmentation but that's the least of my worries.  My right side from upper cheek to around the mouth area has little pimples, big pimples and underground pimples.  It's been a long time since i've had so much inflammation on my face at any given time.  My chin has 2 inflamed red pimples and the left side of the chin is developing that rashy acne that I am so prone to.  I have been breaking out non-stop for the entire month of July and i blame quite a few things on it:


  • bad diet
  • negative self thought
  • high stress
  • extreme heat and humidity

Of course some or none of these things could be triggering things but these are my current lifestyle issues so i have to believe that it's not helping.


Now for the naturopath visit.  We discussed my food allergy test which shows a sensitivity to eggs and lentils.  Both have been eliminated for at least a few weeks.  She also 

prescribed CBD oil which i'd never heard of.  I'm suppose to take it orally for stress management.  I've read that it also lowers inflammation in the body and what is acne but really bad inflammation.  


My next trip to the supermarket will be this week so i am doing a serious overhaul of what i'm eating.  I'm swapping out my beloved plantain chip and GF crackers for blueberries or hummus with veggies.  My brown rice and turkey wraps will be replaces by quinoa bowls.  Lastly, i am cutting back on the pasta and replacing with veggies, high quality protein and a small amount of carbs such as sweet potato, brown rice, beans or quinoa.


I also have started to look into the laws of attraction and affirmations.  While i did affirmations years ago, i never continued.  I know my mind is in need of a different script so i am adding that to the mix.  


Will this help my skin?  Who knows.  Will it help by overall well being?  Probably.  


Hoping to update in a few weeks or by the end of the summer.


Happy Monday!


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