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Day 17

Acne: guess who couldn't resist and popped 3 pimples..yeah it was me. I know I shouldn't have done that and I feel so bad about it because I really don't want more scars but I couldn't help myself. I was really nervous and the pimples were really big and painful. For the record I didn't squeeze the life out of them. I just gently squeezed them and the puss came out immediately. That's it. No further squeezing. It doesn't seem like I made a wound out of them so I'm hoping for the best that I didn't cause any scarring. Throughout the day they look less red and they became more flat. Anyway some of the cysts are getting smaller and flatter, some of them turned into whiteheads (those are the ones that I popped), some of them are staying the same. I got a new pimple (again probably a cyst) on my chin, 2 of my comedones might become a cyst or a whitehead (who knows this days) I feel them coming and a few small pimples on my forehead that look pretty harmless. 

Skin: my ears are still peeling, skin is still oily and dry, pores are still opening

Mood: happy, sad, happy, sad. I am sad because even though I was pretty sure I would get an IB I never thought I would get so many cystic acne...




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