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Day 12

Acne: okay so guess what guys. I am definitely experiencing an initial breakout. Today I have 6 active acne in total. The small bump from yesterday turned into a big red bump, I got one new red bump as well. The other 4 acne are doing good I suppose. One of them is finally drying, two of them are still annoying whiteheads and the last one...still big and red. It might sound weird and I might have mentioned it before but even though I'm getting all this new big acne I feel like my skin is more clear and better than before. Today I woke up with weird feeling on my face. At first I thought it was dry skin but guess what..it wasn't. That was actually the dirt from my pores. They are clearing so fast. So yeah I'm trying to focus on the positive side. Even though I'm getting this nasty and painful acne..at least the dirt in my pores will be gone. I really hope this initial breakout won't last more than a week and that everything will clear up fast.

Skin: nothing new. Today I didn't have dry skin on my cheeks, forehead and chin. The only dryness that I've noticed today was on my nose and a little bit on my lips

Mood: gosh it was a hard day for. I've been crying all day long and that's why I am so tired right now. The thing is..I feel so damn ugly when I look in the mirror. I am ashamed of myself because of my skin. It really plays such an important role in my mental health and social life. I feel so insecure because my boyfriend had such a beautiful flawless skin and then there's me..the ugly troll. He tells me that to him I'm the most beautiful girl in the world and acne on my face don't bother him at all. I know he's saying the truth because he's not the type of a person that would tell you nice things just to make you feel better. He always says things if he means them..but I can't help myself. I'm just so insecure, sad and scared that he might leave me because I became such an introvert.



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