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So I am starting this log to keep me going through my last few months of accutane. 


I started my accutane course in January, and everything was going really well - skin cleared up during month 2 apart from the some minor spots here and there and quite obvious redness. However half way through month 3 I started to notice red marks on my face that had not been previously there, did not turn into spots, and had never previously been a spot. My skin was blotchy, with itchy and hot red skin. It was especially bad towards the bottom sides of my face and chin, where it got quite itchy. I tried carrying on at my usual dose of 50mg, but it was getting worse and worse so my derm suggested lowering to 30mg. This changed nothing and I was flaring up quite badly still. After sending pictures of a particularly bad flare up (of what my derm diagnosed as facial eczema, however I am not convinced) she told me to come off of the drug. To be honest it was a massive relief at the time. I had reached about 86mg/kg so not the cumulative dosage, however I had not had a bad spot for the last month, apart from a small tiny tiny pimples.

Only two weeks off of the drug and my acne was starting to come back - weirdly, my acne is usually the big whiteheads, cysts usually around the chin. However this acne is small itchy whiteheads on my cheeks, lower face and more recently my neck (where I never had acne). So I had the choice of staying off the accutane or going back and trying to finish the course. I have chosen to try and finish the course as I feel like I will always wonder what if - what if it was the thing that put me in long term remission. 

So just under a week ago I started back up at 30mg - itchy blotchy red eczema face has returned and I am tying to put up with it but it is so emotionally upsetting as it just looks awful and I have the fear some of it will scar or be permanent red marks. I need to take 30mg for 2 months to reach 120mg/kg but have 3 months worth of medicine that would take me to 138mg/kg. I am unsure if i will complete the extra month, as not even a week in I am struggling. 

Since my acne came back so quickly in that two week break, it makes me nervous that exactly the same thing will happen even when I reach my cumulative dose :( 

i will update regularly as a way to get through my course! Today my neck has some new spots, however face seems to have slown down in it breakouts since I started back on the medication. 


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