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Day 99 - smooth sailing (sort of)

This whole time I was eagerly waiting to start month 4 because during my last round I took photos as often as I could remember and it w after month 3 that I noticed a definite improvement in my skin. And, I can say that has held true! I don’t have any major breakouts. I don’t still have quite a few very small unnoticeable comedones on my chin that I honestly don’t know if they’ll ever come to surface if I don’t aggravate them. I sort of want them out, tho. Is it worth the break out and potential scarring? nah. 

I want to note that now that I’m not breaking out as much and the weather is a lot warmer, I stopped using liquid makeup. I hated the way it sat on my face anyway. I just use my L’oréal Bare natural foundation powder. I can’t wait until after treatment when I can wear lipstick again. I wish my treatment could last 5 months instead of 6, but I did the math using the smallest and largest possible target dose and I think it’s better and more worthwhile (possibly more long lasting??) that I finish a full 6 months. we will see what the doc says.

now that weathers nice I’ve been worried about sun sensitivity. In my short time spent in the dumb id say that my skin is a little more prone to both burning and tanning. It just seems like I’ve been changing color a bit easier and also look redder at the same time. a coworker noticed. he really didn’t have to say anything -_-

I am noticing that I’m becoming more of myself which is the entire reason I’m taking this medication. I’m actually wearing my hair back, feeling more open to socializing with friends and strangers, feeling just honestly more happy about myself.

My joints still ache. I feel like I haven’t been drinking enough water and that my trig might be high on my next blood test. Ive been feeling more tired. seemed more prevalent the last three months on accutane last time too. speaking of which it’s time to go to sleep.

ps to take my makeup off I temporarily started using neutrogena makeup wipes but honestly idk sometimes i think it’s harsh and maybe irritTes it breaks me out? so instead I just wash my face by using the soft gentle ceraphil cleanser 3 times. every other night I’ll use the clean and clear wash with exfoliating beads between the second and third gentle wash. I haven’t been using epiduo as spot treatment bc I don’t really have spots. gtg my back hurts. 


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