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Blogging here again 7 years later!



So interesting reading my old blog! Unfortunately I’ve been really slack and hardly used the regimen at all for the last 2 years (only 3 times a week) and my skin has gradually gotten really bad again. The worst mistake was stopping it completely for about 3-4 weeks whilst I tried Chinese acupuncture and herbs: I had the worst breakout ever, so bad I was scared to go out in public. On average I had about 15 large whiteheads all around my mouth, the whole area was red, swollen, dry and sore. On the rest of my face I had a few cysts and hundreds of tiny bumps. Around my lips every single pore was pushing out dry white sebum, it was so horrible to look at I couldn’t face talking to my friends. Makeup was impossible, imagine painting a pizza with foundation!

I tried changing my diet, cutting out carbs, then cutting out spicy, greasy, fried, baked, roasted foods. Eating less meat, adding in carbs, using probiotic supplements and foods, increasing water and green tea intake, but none of those changes made any difference to me. I think it must therefore not be about diet, but maybe because I’m stressed and not getting much sleep. I now have three kids, that means there’s always someone crying in the night!

The acupuncture and herbs made my skin really bad and made me really wheezy and unwell. My mum said I should have gone to an old doctor, not a young one with less experience!  I have had good results for other ailments using Chinese medicine so maybe it didn’t work this time because I went to a bad practitioner.

Anyway,  I’m back and ready to start the regimen for the 4th time. When will I learn? Currently about to start week 3. I’m using using a very small amount of Dan’s BP twice a day. Skin is sore, dry, red and spotty around my mouth. There is a cyst on my chin which has been there a week and a crop of  painful ones under my eyebrow hairs. My cheeks are fairly clear but my forehead is full of tiny bumps. You would think that at the age of 41 I would be free of zits but that’s not the case! I’m going to try and increase the amount of BP tonight and hope the irritation isn’t too bad. Last time I did the regimen I think I went too fast and dried my face out, so will increase the amount slowly. This week I’ve tried really hard not to pick; I’m visiting my parents and they don’t mind seeing my zits, although my mum was shocked by them when I arrived. 

Reading my old blog made me realise how silly I was to come off the regimen, now I have to go through it all again. I had really clear skin for years and I gradually took it for granted. At least I know the regimen works so it’s worth the initial pain. The point of restarting this blog is so I have a record for myself, to remind me NOT to stop the BP. Bloody hell, I wonder if I’ll still have zits when I’m an old lady? 



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