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Confessions of a "skin care-holic"




Skin care has always been tremendously important to me, since I have a very dry skin. Ever since I was a teenager, I had to pay special attention to my skin so I used intense moisturizers, face scrubs and nourishing masks to keep the skin plump and glowing. However, as I grew older so did my skin, and the dryness became a bigger problem year in year out. After I’d turned 35, I started using anti-aging creams as well, to keep the signs of aging to the minimum. With various natural masks, peelings, and face massages I manage to keep the skin radiant and youthful.

Exfoliation is Crucial

I’ve always exfoliated my skin regularly, but after I reached 35, I knew things will have to change to a certain extent. The best way to get a smooth, bright skin was for me is to exfoliate my skin every other day. As you approach your 40s, dead skin cells don’t slough off that fast, so they can pile up and cause even dryer and dull looking skin. However, I stopped using strong scrubs and shifted to mild ones, so that I could have a gentle but effective exfoliation.

Skin Needs To Be Hydrated

As the skin grows older, it becomes more dry and prone to fine lines. That’s why I decided it’s time I started using richer antioxidant and sunscreen in order to keep the skin glowing. They are perfect for saving collagen, which is crucial for the skin elasticity and young look. Not only will sunscreen keep the skin hydrated, but also it will battle spots and serve as a great skin cancer prevention. Creams with high levels of glycerine and hyaluronic acids are perfect, because they keep my skin moist and glowing.

Watch what you eat and drink

The rule of thumb should be: if it’s good for your health, it’s good for your skin too. Avoiding fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and soda can make a lot of difference. The more balanced meals you have, the better your health, as well as your skin, will be. It’s also very important to remember to stay hydrated! Just replace soda with water and coffee with green tea, and you’ll be amazed. I saw the first results in less than a month after I introduced these new habits.

Face Masks are Gold

From creamy masks, to the modern peel-off ones, I use everything. The newest types of masks that are, basically, a thick paper soaked with nourishing serums and lotions, work wonders for my skin. I apply a mask on my face and keep it on for 15 minutes, occasionally massaging the face with the tips of my fingers. After that, I take the mask off and dab the rest of the liquids to my face. The skin is literally glowing immediately and I don’t have to apply another mask for a week. All the supplements keep the skin glowing, moisturized and above all young looking. However, when I need some extra pampering, I like to go to the beauty salon and let the professionals take care of my skin. Occasional chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion treatments boost the anti-aging results of my own skin care regimen and provide me with a beautiful skin.

Final Thoughts

Taking proper care of your skin is vital for a flawless look. With regular exfoliation, rich moisturizing and nourishing masks and massages I manage to keep my skin plump, radiant and hydrated all year long.


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