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Month 3/week 12 recap

So I guess my skin has calmed down a little. My lips have never been worse though and my hair is getting VERY oily by the end of the day which really sucks. I've decided the hyperpigmentation just isn't going to go away until after this treatment I guess but I'm just ready for the zits and scabs and darker scars to heal and go away. My lips were so bad that during my dermatologist appointment one of the first things he said was that my lips look painful. He told me to get doctor Dan's, which you can find on Amazon for 9 dollars for a 2 pack. It has hydrocortisone in it and honestly it feels good on my lips and I feel like some swelling went down pretty quickly. I'm also waiting for the cracked sides of my mouth to heal and hopefully this will help with that. Other than that, my doc said he's keeping me on 30mg twice a day for the rest of my treatment bc for my weight it's kinda high. Starting my fourth month a little discouraged but I'm heating other people say that their skin kept breaking out and then all of a sudden it stopped in month 5 or 6 and they had great skin since. Whatever the case is for me I am ready to be done already!!! Again side effects have not bothered me at all, dry skin has been under control, joint pain is no worse than my already existing arthritis, no headaches no bad stuff. My night vision is still a little iffy but nothing that bothers me too much. Only thing bothering me is that I can hardly open my mouth without it cracking and bleeding but hopefully Dr Dan's will save me.D4D3E49C-2B5A-4A26-AF75-1F1F5F015D18.thumb.jpeg.c2e726639f9b8a7615db342873645b17.jpeg561356AF-3E80-4C57-8878-23BFCBA4D013.thumb.jpeg.64225165bd9f3cae7026f8f9d71355ce.jpeg


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If anyone is actually reading any of my posts and actually look at the pictures I would like to point out, in the second picture my shelves were all pulled out by my roommates asshole cat 

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