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Accutane/ Roaccutane/ Isotretinoin


I’m a 17-year-old male teenager that struggled with Acne beginning at age 14. I had tried everything from over-the-counter products to antibiotics and facials. Some things would work but it was all temporary after a month, my acne started up again. In desperation, I switched my dermatologist and explained my story, she straight away brought up Accutane. I had never heard of it but she said it would work and I was clinging onto the hope and agreed. I had to take a blood test first to see if I was even fit to take the drug (which gave me a couple of red flags).


I was started with a daily dose of 40 mg of Roaccutane (the brand for Accutane available in my country), My dermatologist was great and literally gave me every product I would need through the journey. She told me to moisturize every day, morning and night, as a certain degree of dryness would come into my skin and using lip balm every couple of hours. As soon as I arrived home, I googled the drug and found more and more videos online that scared me out of it. But I took it regardless, she advised me to take it with a high fatty meal such as lunch or dinner. The first week was the slowest week of my life, I would check every hour at the mirror and see if my acne was ‘disapperaing’ (I was so naive). Day 3, I started to really feel my lips cracking (yay it was working). Fast forward a bit… It was week 2 and my skin was breaking out like crazy, I called my dermatologist and she said for the drug to work it needs to push everything out. At this point, I was really self-conscious when at school as I thought everyone was looking at my ‘horrible’ skin. After a couple of weeks, it started to die down but once winter came, full on attack mode. My skin broke out again for the second time, I was assured it would happen just once. However, this time, my skin was clearing up much faster and it passed after a week. Through the next couple of weeks my skin was slowly clearing up when I would normally get a new pimple every morning, I got one every 3 days. Stuff like this really kept me going. However, the red marks after a pimple lingered for a long time. DISCLAIMER: I was incredibly lucky, maybe like the 1 percenter because I didn't even experience any facial dryness at all, only my lips. Maybe because I was moisturising every day but when I read those stories online about everyone face ‘melting off’ or looking like a lizard due to dry skin, I didn't have any of that. (praise the lord as I still went to school every day). However, I did apply sunscreen every morning but it may have not been enough as my face looked permanently sunburnt for a MONTH. At school, I pretended that I was at the beach that weekend and got sunburnt there. In my 4th and 5th month, I started to notice that I would flush randomly and my entire face would turn bright red like a tomato (I’m very pale-faced) And at school, I would just tell a joke and laugh and everyone thought I turned red from laughing. Also, my skin was SUPER sensitive and even if I touched it, it would go bright red. I forgot to add that my country (tropical island) literally never got Accutane in so for a period I was off Accutane for 4 days as I couldn't find it anywhere and sometimes they only had 10mg so I had to take 6 pills (yes, 6 pills). I am now into my 5th month and oh my god, I’m happy and super confident again, I have made new friends and am way more social and outgoing. I don't want to sound dramatic but Accutane saved my life. I have not had a new pimple in 3 weeks and I feel like I am proud of my skin again. Some people/friends in school even asked what I was doing cause my face looked so good. I really want to thank my family as they helped me so much through my journey and never even commented on my acne. I’m heading now to my final dermatologist appointment to end Accutane for good (hopefully). I want to thank my dermatology as she has been so sweet and has been there 24/7 for me. She gave me her personal number in case someone every happened. She is even hosting a graduation ceremony from the clinic for me (HAHAHAHA). Thanks for reading, and sorry if I wasted your time. I just wanted to upload this so I don't lose it and people can refer back to it.

Thanks and remember, It’s a long journey but it's so worth it!!!!!!!!!


My dosages per month were:

Month 1: 40mg, Month 2: 40mg (high cholesterol), Month 3: 50mg (Again high cholesterol), Month 4: 50mg (Very high cholesterol) AT this point, I went vegan and cut out all high fatty foods for a month, Month 5: 60mg (perfect cholesterol! Yay!)



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