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Day 68 - let's get cysty



at this point I realize this blog is mostly just me talking to myself. and sometimes, it helps. so here we go again

eyes: I'm surprised they are not as dry as I thought they would be. I wear contacts probably 5-6 days out of the week and fall asleep in them probably 2-3 times a week (its the brand where this is allowed). I only need to use eye drops maybe once every 2 weeks. my eyes were dry af by the end of my last course. oh I'm slightly paranoid that the gooey tissue under my eyelid was slightly yellow and my liver was failing. But I'm probably fine.

skin: I lather my skin in cetaphil cream at night. For some reason that I haven't identified, my makeup isn't sitting well on my skin. It leaves sort of flakey residue in some places and I'm not sure if its from the liquid makeup, from my skin being dry, from the makeup sponge, or what. Tomorrow I will apply with a clean finger and see if it makes a difference. It often does not blend well this way. Damn I'm tryna see my man tomorrow, too. Oh I have 2-4 pretty big cysts. I could hardly cover them up, the bastards. I literally just go to sleep every night thinking, please tomorrow be a better day. If I look back at pictures, technically my skin looks better now than before I started accutane? It just sucks that my current breakout its towards the center of my face and looks gross whether I try to cover or not.

Joints: My back and for some reason, the tendon that stretches across my heel get sore often. It's pretty bad. I honestly just fight through it. I don't wanna take pain meds every day. It sometimes makes exercise difficult.

Thats really it. I have some other shyt I have to do. Going to take a progress pic today. (I don't post these).


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