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My Acne Journey with Green Tea



Hello Everyone,

I’m new to this forum and well I have been struggling with cystic acne for years now. In high school I had clear skin with only a few breakouts on my forehead however going into my twenties my acne got worse from simple breakouts to very painful cystic acne. I have been to numerous dermatologist who have the usual recommendation of various topical treatments and regimens to antibiotics to the most recent Sprinolactone. The latter has definitely worked and it clears my face very quickly and keeps it clear while I’m on it. However, after a year of being on it I went off and my acne came back so back to the dermatologist I went for more spirinolactone. I was one it for another year and just about 6 months ago went off and slowly my cystic acne is coming back. At this point I’m done with all medications I don’t want another pill! Now I have been researching holistic remedies to alieveate and keep my cystic acne at bay. I have found that a lot of people have said green tea helps to keep acne away due to all the wonderful properties in it and on Tuesday March 12, 2019 I started my journey. The only things I have changed to my lifestyle is that I’m drinking 2 cups of green tea (Japanese Sencha) I’m watching what I eat as far as sweets, fried food, and low white carb diet. I also drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I haven’t noticed any significant changes as of yet but I know things take time. If anyone has had a similar situation and would like to comment on how long it took them or if it helped or didn’t please let me know. I will come back and update in a week.

March 19, 2019 - Update

Hello Everyone, 

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering how my face is doing with my new green tea diet. I must admit that while it’s not perfect I have noticed significant improvements in my skin. I haven’t had any significant new cystic acne develop and the one that I did have looks a lot less inflamed and less red and appear to be healing very quickly. I’m going to continue drinking green tea for another week and post an update then to let you guys know where I am. At this point I only have 1 cystic acne on my face with a few other white heads that are very small and insignificant. 

See you guys in a week!

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