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Day 63 - accutane friends?



A lot of days have gone by and I still have acne (: I've had good and bad days in the past 2 weeks (skin-wise). Its an emotional rollercoaster. On the good days I want to go and see and do things with friends and be my social self and I feel so good you'd think I was high. On my bad days, which is usually a lot of pimples showing at once on diff parts of my face, especially when its around my mouth or in the center or if its painful, I want to cry. I want to curl in a ball, peel my skin off, and sit in a dark room for days without contact until my skin heals. Of course, I have a job and put make up on and fight through it like I don't hate myself.

Some fun moments recently - left the house without Aquaphor and was pretty terrified what would happen to my lips. I stayed over bfs house and had all these peely parts of my chin that I couldn't visually fix until I got home with my liquid makeup -- might have to start taking it everywhere??? ugh. oh also I went quite a few hours without looking in the mirror only to realize my nose was PEELING WITH BOOGERS EVERYWHERE and my coworkers aren't the real ones to let a sista know -_-

The title of this is Accutane friends. Because I met a girl on here -- shout out if you're reading -- and we snapchat each other our ugly red splotchy -- or healing beautiful faces and complain about the dry nose lips mouth and suggest remedies each other has tried. Talking to someone who gets what you're going through (bc nobody around me knows why my nose keeps peeling like a MFer) makes me feel so much better. So if anybody else wants to become internet stranger friends and snapchat our ugly faces and complain about our days, because we can relate, comment or message me!

P.S., my dosage so far has been 40/70/70. doc only takes blood test every 2 months, and last month it was good! I'm trying really hard to eat a certain way and get workouts in to keep my triglycerides down, because they became an issue last round on 60mg where I was brought back down to 40.


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