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Week 11 recap



My skin is literally getting worse by the day. Im really frustrated bc I'm in the third month and my skin was looking so much better just two weeks ago. Every single day I have gotten atleast one new zit. My lips are killing me and my face is dry and oily at the same time again which hasn't happened since like the first half of the first month. I loved comparing my acne pictures week by week because it would slowly get better but now I'm looking at it again and it's slowly getting worse. I honestly wasn't going to post this week because how angry I am with my skin but I need to just rant about it. I'm getting bumps all over my upper back and I can't tell if it's acne or dry skin. My eczema patches are getting worse on my legs and my lips are always bleeding. AND MY FACE IS SO RED!!!! At the moment I have 6 bad painful actives which sucks because I hardly got painful zits in the first place. I understand why there's an initial breakout at the beginning of the treatment but I don't know what this is happening again. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THEY DIDNT EVEN UP MY DOSAGE. I honestly want to cry when I look at my skin because I'm spending so much money and my body is suffering and at this point my face really doesn't look any better. It's like no one else understands the kind of emotional stress acne gives you. I have struggled with persistent acne since I was 11. I have tried everything under the sun and everything I have ever used just made me break out even more and never gotten better. Whenever I mention my acne some asshole goes "oh use birth control" I have been on four or five different birth controls and the one I'm on is the only one that prevents hormonal acne. Because apparently my acne isn't hormonal its genetic. Then tell me why I'm the only one in my family suffering from acne? Even my gyno and dermatologist were surprised that the #1 birth control for acne turned my face the worst it's been in my life and gave me a two month long period. I can't change my birth control because this is the only one that doesn't make my skin worse. I can't use ANYTHING on my face because it either doesn't do shit or I'm allergic to it (almost every thing they recommend has benzoyl peroxide! I can't even use that in a spot treatment or it will swell up and give me hives!!!) Look, if my skin breaks out in hives if I have jewelry on that isn't surgical steel or if it's anything less than 10k gold, rubbing shit into my face that has a shit ton of chemicals is going to make my face a million times worse. I understand that I've never had "severe" acne so people get angry at me for complaining but STILL I am insanely self conscious because it's like I can NEVER get rid of it. Accutane is supposed to fix it and I understand that it will probably get better when they change my dosage or whatever but I need someone to understand my anger when my skin is getting worse again after spending so much time and money trying to make it better.978B80F0-1605-4013-8A92-249947AA8854.thumb.jpeg.43d7aeff68fe2780c2369a9642eb8013.jpeg4B65A3D8-8841-48C5-98D2-98F94DD30E39.thumb.jpeg.61b1d00322ac8fc219e37a09360071d4.jpeg


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