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Dry Tops of Hands and Elbows!



Ok, taking on 80mg hasn’t been too bad. The pores on my nose definitely feel like they’ve shrunk. Prior to just a few days ago, my nose looked like it was pushing out all of the plugs, so it felt a bit bumpy. But, now that the pores have shrunk and the plugs are almost gone, my nose feels pretty smooth. That, I can’t complain about one bit!

For my hands, the tops of them are dry and look like they have red spots that come and go. I bought Cerave’s moisturizing lotion, not cream, to put on them. That seems to help quite a bit! Today, the tops don’t look like I have some sort of disease. Now, for my elbows, those definitely feel dry and are a bit crunchy. For those, I’ve been putting on Cerave’s moisturizing cream. I’m only day day two of doing this, so I’ll provide another update on those in a few days. 

Aside from these side effects, things seem to still be going well. My eyes adjusted to the Accutane, so I just re-wet them as needed. I’m still using Aquaphor on my lips as well.

If anything comes up between now and my next update, I’ll be sure to make a post!

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wow im so glad you posted this, I had the exact same red dotty rough hands issue. I think its just dry skin and irritation. I wear gloves and wash hands more frequently and live in the cold so it gets bad now and then. sleeping covered in Vaseline helps, when I remember. it looks like you've got everything covered. I do have three circle dry spots on the top of my outer upper arm. they also lost some pigment. have no clue what that's about, reminds me of eczema. last round I had 1 circle and it went away. im only 20 percent nervous about it

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