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This has absolutely not been my week. Maybe because they didn't up my dosage and my skin has gotten used to 60mg a day? Idk. My skin is feeling pretty oily again and my lips are a million times worse. They are almost constantly bleeding and burn because they're so dry and I use every thing under the sun to moisturize them and they refuse to heal. Those I can atleast deal with bc I care so much more about my skin than my lips. But my skin has gotten worse this past week. Four new friends popped up on my face out of no where and the guys from last week are constantly scabbing and falling off, I don't even have to pick at them and it'll leave like an open wound, and when they are still scabbed it looks gross. My left cheek doesn't have zits but it's getting a little bumpy again and I have no clue why because they aren't dry skin bumps. My right cheek just hates me. Anyways I'm pissed and just waiting for my skin to clear up and I'm hoping that it doesn't keep this way for the rest of the month and hoping this is just a weird flare up. I already know it's not period acne, I never get period acne thanks to my birth control. On an unrelated note I woke up with a perfect ringlet in my usually frizzy hairB193BA88-65A3-4B20-B6FA-F95CCF4BE704.thumb.jpeg.10b034d685fe7cb8001b946cd75b7735.jpeg47C70514-9F21-4B4E-8D32-A982F653F7E4.thumb.jpeg.3cf01a4aa4cd61af7ae4d3a0cbfd2051.jpeg


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