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Day 48 - I picked and I regret it



Hey, its been awhile. I'm surviving. I am stressed about completely unrelated sh*t but skinwise:

I picked a painful one on my chin that didn't pop the way I expected and instead I ended up squeezing with no satisfaction. The result was a large red circle of pretty much raw skin that I can't even put make up on. DO NOT PICK EVER WHILE ON ACCUTANE!! Even if it itches or is painful. It will heal SO much better and not ugly if you just let it go away on its own. I then picked the scab in my sleep and now its a beautiful red color with a yellow center (: I'm leaving it alone and covering it in moisturizer to heal. I'm going to a social event Thursday night, I really hope it goes away for the most part.

Sort of related, I have a bunch of tiny comedones on my chin that I want to pop so bad but I can squeeze it lightly and its apparent that they aren't ready. BUT WHEN WILL THEY BE?? They make me skin/chin look so uneven, makes me not want to be seen in certain lights.

An aside: I'm getting my blood test this Thursday and I've been eating and drinking like shit, so I expect my triglycerides to be high as fuck and for my doc to lower my dose. This week I'm trying to eat really well and hope that my blood tests are fine and he will keep me on the high dose (70mg), one 30mg and one 40mg in the morning.

My skin looked dramatically different at the end of the third month, so I'm just trying to survive until then. I start my third month in about 10 days.


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