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Month 2/Week 9 recap



Finally went back to my dermatologist this past Wednesday and he said that I'm making good progress! He's keeping me on the same dosage of 30mg twice a day which just confused me because I have absolutely no idea how they decide dosages, I thought he'd up it a little at least but he did not. I actually ran out of pills a week before my appointment and my skin really wasn't happy with I developed a couple new bad boys on my face that makeup absolutely can not cover. This scares me because if I'm off of the pill for a week and I get new zits, what'll happen when I'm off it permanently? I know I'm not done with the treatment so maybe it won't happen when I am, but all my appointments seem to be a few days after I finish my pack so I'm super worried I'm gonna break out each time. After that facemask mishap my skin has gotten smooth again and I'm handling the dryness like before. Honestly I feel like I'm handling the dryness like a champ. I know I literally spend like 15 minutes moisturizing and massaging my skin, but my skin just is not flaky or dry like it was the first few weeks. My lips are still absolutely awful and have started to bleed constantly though so even though my skin is moist my lips look like death. My nose isn't getting nose bleeds exactly but almost all of my boogers are bloody but if that means no dripping blood then I'll take it. Again, saline spray helps with nose bleeds a whole lot. my last issue is still scarring. My left cheek hasn't had an active in a few days or even a week and that's a miracle, but now I can only see the scars which sucks and my bb cream isn't doing much coverage (I get it bb cream isnt full coverage but it's the only thing I can wear on my face without worrying about breaking out) And I know for a fact the bright red guys are gonna scar real bad. I'm disappointed in that though because one of them I haven't even touched or picked at and it's just so big and there's no head and ugly. The one on my chin was a white head and I put calamine on it like I usually do but when I washed it off the next morning, the dried up gunk came off my face and left an open wound. Anyways my face hates me and I can't wait until acne decides to leave me alone.9E5CA803-366A-4519-B65B-270BC763811E.thumb.jpeg.cd3c2906b28d2582791c00763e4910cf.jpeg597297B5-5527-4A11-AE18-1F3207DD3184.thumb.jpeg.def4e392b3a18309f1c573a186ec4208.jpeg


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