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Skin Background

Age: 34

Ethnicity: South-East Asian

Diet: mostly veggies, meat or fish twice a week, couple of glasses of wine a week, bread maybe once a week, mostly nut based milk.

Skin: Mostly clear as a teenager but beginning to be difficult in my early 20s (oily, breakouts around the chin). From my early 20s until recently it was mostly manageable with daily 2% BHA, BP on spots and Doxycycline every 3 years (3 month stints) when my skin needed a hand. My skin has always been super oily and so moisturizer has never featured in my skin routine. My skin scars and discolors easily. 

In general, my skin is not my best friend, but she has always been receptive to whatever I was putting on it. However, the last 3 months have been HORRENDOUS and I've been getting, not just cystic acne around (and under) my mouth and chin, but a couple of painful nodules as well. Also, my face grew a large patch of postular acne on my forehead which has not happened to me to that severity before.

However, it's not a mystery as to why this has been happening. I've just moved (Dubai to Hanoi) and my new job is super stressful. Climate and pollution levels are also radically different). My diet has also changed (for the worse) and I was not exercising AT ALL. All in all- life has been a bit of a shit-show of late. Anyhoo, cut to the worst skin I have ever had in my life and cue a dermatology appointment. My derm was straight up and said that my usual bag of tricks was not cutting it and isotretinoin was my best bet. So here we are.

Current dose: 10mg of isotretinoin every second day- My Derm has put me on this very low dose because I am VERY reluctant to be on this drug and am terrified of the symptoms. The drug's symptoms are dose dependent. So, I guess the smaller the dose the less pronounced the symptoms. Also, at a low dose, the process is much longer, so I am keeping that in mind. However, the dosage may change as the derm monitors my progress and I stop being such a wimp. 


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