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Week 8 side effects



Skin really has not changed much in the past week but some things have. So to start with, night before Valentine's I did a face mask and shaved and exfoliated my legs. The next morning my legs were so dry and flaky as hell and no amount of lotion would help that, lucky me it's still cold outside so no one saw my legs except my boyfriend and he couldn't care less. And my face got BUMPY. Now this is a mask I've used many times before it's very gentle and I've always loved it because my face felt so soft afterwards, I guess I never realized how sensitive my skin really is because my cheeks were insanely dry and bumpy the next morning. I didn't take a picture and because my camera isn't really good at picking up bumps only color so it wouldn't have made a difference. The next few days I scrubbed all the dead skin off and drowned my face in oils and moisturizer, its settled down for the most part and isn't bumpy but it just feels so dry now which sucks because I've been handling the dryness really well up until now. The biggest thing I've noticed is vision change. Honestly I've been ignoring it not thinking it was a big deal. It was mainly when I took on or off my glasses or contacts, my eyes would take a little longer to adjust which didn't bother me because it was only for a minute or so (like when you get a new pair of glasses with a new prescription and your eyes aren't used to it, kinda hard to explain). I don't think that would be considered vision loss because I still see perfectly. Night vision though... Yeah I had no idea what to expect and it seems like everyone I've talked to hasn't experienced it so I didn't think it would be a big deal. Well it kinda is I guess. It just basically makes lighting weird? I didn't notice it until recently. At first I kept complaining at night when I was driving because everyone's headlights were so bright and sometimes I was convinced they had their brights on. Its also hard to explain but its like someone turned the contrast up. Like Everything dark is much darker and the lights are super bright. Almost to the point I can't see what's in the dark very well because the light is too bright. I took a picture of my lamp and messed with the contrast to show the original pic and the edited one. But basically the lighting in the darker picture is what my vision has changed to at night. I try avoiding driving at night but when I do it's when I get off work at almost 1am so there are a lot less cars so I don't worry about it too much, but I have to concentrate 10x harder when driving in the dark just in case. My next appt is in a few days so I'll update then and go back to my weekly updates. 0D53DDCD-D867-4B90-B0BC-FF62BBF18835.thumb.jpeg.8e9821cce0b29c169366c59b106995b1.jpegA501AE58-95A1-46B5-AF49-A54F24BF7CD0.thumb.jpeg.4cc9b84340cf88e9dc8ed02412ca2e8e.jpeg


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