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Week One



So, here I am starting a third round of Accutane at 40. Yes, that’s right. I said it - 40! I thought at some point that I would get over the acne after the first two rounds, but this little bugger is persistent. 

Well, a little bit of a history here on me and my acne. I started breaking out in my late teens and early 20s. I tried every over the counter cleanser, acne medicine, etc., but nothing worked. I tried your different ‘cyclines and topical creams that were all prescribed by a dermatologist. Nothing seemed to really do the trick. Eventually, Accutane was recommended, so I gave it a go. The first time around, the dose prescribed was about 20mg, then 40mg, then 70mg and then 80mg. My symptoms during this time seemed mild and I was happy with the results after 6 months of taking the medication. Well, two months or so after finishing, I started to break out again. Apparently, I wasn’t dosed correctly the first time. So, this is where a second round came in. Keep in mind, I was in my late 20s when I competed this first round. I finished the second round not long after I turned 32-ish. 

So, with this second round, I was given 40mg up front and then worked my way into 80mg for the rest of the time. This time, it seemed like the medicine worked and was properly dosed. I was quite happy throughout the duration with the results and was pleased with the results for the time that they lasted after the fact. Now, about 7 to 8 years down the road, I started breaking out again! What?! At my age? 39/40? C’mon! When am I going to grow out of this acne! Well, after making my way through all the ‘cyclines and topical creams again, I talked with my dermatologist and Accutane came up again. Though there was some hesitation, I agreed to take it. 

Now, that’s kind of the back story on my acne and the reason why I wanted to start this blog was because, here I am at 40 taking Accutane for a third time. My fingers, toes, eyes and everything that I can cross are crossed in hoping that this third round will be it! 

Ok, so week one is pretty much over. I’ve been taking 40mg each day and it’s been ok. I have been using Cetaphil’s gentle skin cleanser, their moisturizer, and eye cream. I also picked up Aquaphor’s lip repair ointment and their regular ointment. For my skin care regimen, I wash my face both morning and night with the gentle cleanser and apply the moisturizer immediately afterwards. As mentioned, I did buy an eye cream too, so I apply this on my eyes as well. So, after the first few days of taking the Accutane, my skin has definitely dried up. I’m peeling, but it’s not too unbearable. I do keep my lips moisturized all throughout the day because that’s highly important to avoid dried and cracked lips. The tops of my hands are dry, so I’ve been applying a Aquaphor’s regular ointment on them and this seems to help a lot. Given the dryness, I know this is just a initial hurdle I have to get over while the medication works its magic. Eventually, in my case, with the first two rounds, I do remember my skin getting over the peeling hump and seemed to be milder as I continued with the Accutane. I hope that this is the same case for this third round. If you read this, I’m happy that you did and please check back weekly as I plan on providing progress updates as each week passes. Best of luck to you all who are either on your first round or even 20th round (just kidding). 


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