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Day 33 - just complaining about being ugly

I have pictures from last round that show I didn't have dramatic improvement until after the third month. I just started my second month so I know I shouldn't see dramAtic improvement, but damn am I tired of looking like this. Been on 70mg for 3 days now, worried about a second IB. so far my skin does look a little worse honestly but I don't feel as sad and frustrated about it as I did that one day last week. I've also been working out (speaking of which, i need to do today) which i think makes me feel better. joint pain kicked in a bit ago, mostly just my back. after washing my face in the sink it takes so much energy to stand straight up again, its such a huge dull pain.

Question if any accutane users are reading, does anyone still ever use benzoyl peroxide or epiduo as spot treatment? maybe to hasten the process of getting rid of active pimples? I did put the TINIEST of epiduo spot treatment on a few last night. i know my skin is already dry so I'm not tryna burn it off. just wondering. Even before accutane, epiduo has been pretty great at (not preventing, but) getting rid of existing pimples.

heres to another day of being ugly.

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I FELT THIS POST WAY TOO HARD. I’m lookin major ugly rn on day 21 and when my derm ups my dosage I know it’s about to rock my world and wreck my face. To answer your Q, I no longer use topicals because I feel like with the dryness, they’d do more harm than good and cause irritation. It is tempting though with all this crap :( Best of luck to you, hang in there we’ll get thru this(hopefully)!!!

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