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Day 31 - What is a low-fat diet??

Had doc appt yesterday. I fasted for it bc last round I got blood tests done every month. This doc only wants a blood test every two months I guess? weird. I like to know my blood test results bc it assures me that my triglycerides and cholesterol aren't clogging my arteries and leading to a heart attack (: . Anyway, he increased my dose from 40 to 70!!! I'm very happy, but also nervous. Last round I took doses 30/40/40/60/40. My doc took me off of 60 bc my triglycerides were getting very high. So on 70, I feel the need to change up my diet drastically so that doesn't happen again and I can stay on the higher dose and finish Accutane earlier. (I'm dreading taking it during the summer bc I love being outside and there's sun). So, that leads me to.. WHAT IS A LOW FAT DIET?

I'm not worried about cholesterol bc I cut out meat and eggs from my diet. That was easy. I also cut out dairy knowing that it is high in fat. So I've been looking at nutrition facts and trying to eat foods that don't have a fat content over 30% DV pretty much. (but if I eat 10 servings of food that are 10% DV fat each, I'm at 100%, right?) If anybody is reading this and understands what a low fat diet really means, could you tell me what daily percent I should restrict myself to? 50%? 30%? It's hard to say 0%. I almost wish somebody could make me a meal plan.

And then I realize that sugary foods can be converted to triglycerides too. And, alcohol! So I cut out alcohol completely for next few months. Should I decrease my sugar intake, too? To what percent? Please help, any nutritionists out there. I don't want to die


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