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Week 7 recap

Really nothing has changed since last week it's been a little slow for my skin sadly. I have gotten a few painful bumps again but only one was huge and looks like its going to scar. I used Murad salicylic acne spot treatment or whatever it's called, I'm sure any salicylic acid spot treatment works the same at this point. And on top of that I used  calamine lotion. One of the spots went away surprisingly easily, one is still kinda there, and the big one on my chin directly under my lip popped on its own and will probably scar :( other than that I've only gotten stubborn blackheads popping up on my cheeks. I've also learned to leave blackheads alone which takes so much self control because usually I can just get tweezers and pick them out but again with the sucky healing, it leaves a teeny hole in my face which almost always turns into an actual zit. My forehead is the clearest it has ever been since I was like 10 years old so I'm really excited for that and there's very little scarring there too. My cheeks are still kinda messy with all the scarring and with the dryness it's kinda hard to cover it up bc my bb cream doesn't stay on too well. Side effects haven't changed or worsened, and my skin hasn't gotten any better or any worse. When one little zit goes away another little zit pops up but it's not as drastic as it usually was because there are days where I have no actives at all. Dermo appointment in a little less than two weeks, let's see if anything changes.5E4BAEF4-9C50-487F-86AD-5AD17A6FF181.thumb.jpeg.d8bd1ef05871217776b53a917c50077f.jpeg7458A81A-2A39-4EC0-B1D7-66B575B4F63E.thumb.jpeg.1e4cdd5f2885bc3d11913c91c023554b.jpeg


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