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1 week on Isotretinoin



Hey there! 

I decided to create a blog to share my journey on Isotretinoin. I enjoyed how informative other blogs were for me and wanted to share my experience with everyone also. I am going to start with a little info about me. I am 25 years old, about 115 pounds. I never had acne growing up. My face was always very clear until about a year ago. I started to get deep cystic acne around my chin and forehead area. It wasn't terrible, but I would get a couple at a time and maybe a couple other small spots in different areas of my face. A couple cystic bumps even led to scarring (one on my forehead and one on my chin). The scar on my chin really set me over the edge, it is deep and I hate it. I wanted to do something before the cystic acne and scars got worse. It's amazing what a little scar can do to a girls self esteem. They started me on spironolactone. I was on the medication for 4 months. It helped with the amount of cystic pimples I was getting but, it didn't rid of them. I talked to my dermatologist and she asked if I would like to start Accutane. She started me on 40mg of Claravis. Here are my side effects so far: 

- Dry lips. They aren't terrible but they are definitely dry. You may find this a little odd, but I heard it really works well so I figured I would try it. I bought HPA Lanolin for my lips. It is normally used for sore nipples and cracked skin after pregnancy. I have been applying it religiously and about 2 minutes after applying it, my chapped lips are GONE. I have to apply it A LOT but, it has been working very well for me. 

- My face is dry, but bearable. I bought an oil to apply in the morning and at night and I also use a moisturizer after. I moisturize my entire body every morning as well. 

- I haven't had any mood swings. 

That's about it. Not much to say after being on it only a week. 



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