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Day 30 - I feel good (:

Don't get me wrong, I'm still breaking out a bit. But its definitely better than 2-3 days ago. I feel a lot better today. I was almost dreading seeing my man this weekend because of how my skin looked and hoping so badly that it would heal / look better by the time I see him, and I think that will be the case. I don't get to see my doc for another 4 hours, so I get to starve (fast) all day, woohoo. I keep reaching for food and have to remind myself not to eat XD. Will try to schedule next appt in the morning but honestly this doc is hard to schedule with, I was told he was the only one at this hospital who can even prescribe Accutane. I'll let ya know what dose he puts me on, tomorrow.

P.S. I'm glad to see in some comments others going through the same thing as me! I forget other people deal with this too when I'm surrounded by clear faced people and bombarded with perfect flawless skin in the media every day. One day that will be us!


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