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First month with pictures



Week 1

No significant changes I kept waiting for the dreaded dry lips and dry skin but nothing I was so ready to see the changes I read about like I was waiting to be miserable and was excited about it lol


Week 2

Throat was kinda a sore when I woke up a couple of times and my skin felt tight along with my lips but no peeling and my face had improved a bit 

Week 3

Holy crap! My skin tingled and my lips peeled and burned but my pores had shrunk and If a bump popped up it was gone within a couple days and the nodular acne on my neck that were not visible to the eye were shrinking because they felt huge before! weird thing I got so bumps behind my ears kinda cystic but they were gone by end of week..

Week 4 

Vaseline saved my lips thank gawd! And my Hair doesn't need to be washed my skin has been a little flakey but can still wear makeup even though I try not too... my next appointment is February 14th ha go figure 

I will make a seperate blog on products I have been using maybe that's thed reason my skin has not dryer out as bad as other stories I read worst part was week 3 with my lips being dry and it doesn't help that I pick at things 






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