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Acne Journey

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Day 1 and objective



Objective for the next few weeks/whatever time period: focus on removing refined sugar from diet & using daily medications diligently. So I’m supposed to be using various prescribed pills and topical aplications from my dermatologist; I will be logging what I use as a way to keep myself accountable. Also I personally believe that diet plays a role in acne breakouts and decided to avoid unhealthier foods that may be triggering breakouts. From now on forward I will be avoiding refined sugar and will be logging when I mess up. I’d also like to avoid other refined foods, eat veggies and fresh produce daily, avoid dairy, get enough sleep, and exercise daily - but we’ll see. Basically I’ll be logging what I put onto my face and into my body. 

2/05 Log

What I ate today: applesauce, slice of whole wheat bread (contains wheat, 2g sugar); honey; sugarless brownie (contains white flour); rotisserie chicken salad with chipotle sauce; one meatball, a slice of pizza (contains dairy, white flour, and everything bad for your face)

what I put on my face: cera ve moisturizer, topical medicine adapalene gel in the morning, clindamycin phosphate & benzoyl peroxide gel in the evening 

notes: took minocycline pill 


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