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Why me?

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Another day. I was pretty low yesterday.  Probably one of my very lowest. My kids surrounded me with love, so it helped. My husband left for the day...he just can't handle what is going on with me. I know he wants to help me, but leaving and not talking to me isn't the answer.  I feel so awful about myself and just wish I could accept my new acne self. It's hard. I go for aerolase laser treatment today. It is supposed to help scars and lessen breakouts. It is my second treatment and supposedly you see results after 2 treatments. Pray for me...

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Why me?



Hello everyone. I am asking the question it seems we all want an answer to. I was living a very happy life. 3 wonderful kids and a good husband... until this summer. Slowly my face changed and day by day it became taken over by acne. It started as a demodex issue but when that became under some sort of control, my hormones went crazy. So now I have to not only fight daily against a terrible reinfestation, but I am now taking spironolactone to block my body from too much testosterone.  My jawline and cheeks are broken out and yet crazy dry from my endless fight. 2 weeks into taking spironolactone I am aware people say it takes 3 months,  but I am not so sure I can go through this extreme breakout and ugliness for another 3 months.  I feel alone, lost, and ugly. I guess I just felt like I had to tell someone.  Thanks everyone for listening.  


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