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6 months since last update



I haven't logged into this site for 6 months. That is an indication in itself that in the last 6 months my skin has been manageable. I will post an update pic, as I've had a lot of success taking zinc picolinate (22mg Solgar brand). One a day (for the last 8 months). The only place I still seem to get spots is around my lips.

I've also been sticking to a much better diet. I have a checklist for each day and a really good day means I eat something raw at each meal, no sugary foods, and a raw green at some point. And no alcohol. If I do this, my skin gets about as close to perfect as it's ever been. By that I mean I still have small pimples. And before my period they seem to increase. But generally, life has been better because my skin has been better.

Will post a pic as soon as the massive spot on my lips goes down.

Edit: adding pic now cause I’ve got no reason to hide on here!