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update...5 years later



hi everyone.

i first want to apologize for having never kept up with this, i think i just forgot about it once things got rolling... then continued to forget until now. the only reason i remembered was because i read that my email was taken from this website when it had the data breach a few years back... anyway. i will update you all as to how things went and are now.

i started accutane at 14 and ended right around my 15th birthday. i took it during winter (DO NOT RECOMMEND) and my entire body became dry. i think i ended up on accutane for a total of 6 months. i can't remember if my derm kept me on for an extra month. anyway, the breakouts didn't seem that bad in the first few months and then my face just got better and stayed that way. my lips were constantly chapped and so was a lot of my body (TMI: fissures EVERYWHERE are real and they hurt so keep yourself hydrated). i used waxalene and aquaphor and they were a pretty good combination from what i can remember. just do everything you can to put moisture into your body because that was by far my worst side effect. other than that, ipledge and monthly blood work was annoying but necessary. in the end, i ended up with a face completely clear of pimples and with only left over scarring and hyper-pigmentation from popping pimples and other trauma. my face is pretty combination-dry since i've taken accutane, and it was pretty combination before, so don't worry, the dry-ness won't stay forever most likely.

in the course of the past 4-5 years, i've never had a huge pimple on my face just show up randomly. if i got any pimples, they were tiny and probably stress-induced. if they were larger, they were probably because i was touching them so much because i couldn't tell if it was a pimple or not (it had been so long since i had a major one, so yay!) and was getting oils and dirt all over my face. i constantly get compliments on the clearness of my skin and hardly ever wear foundation (only if it's the holidays or i'm going out or something). so, i'd consider myself an accutane success story!

sorry again for never updating, i just forgot. i hope this brings hope to anyone about to take, in the process of, or just getting off accutane to know that there is hope and longevity in this hard regimen. you will be rewarded! all the pain and annoyance pays off, trust me!

minor info, but the way i wash my face now is with cetaphil daily cleanser, biore pore-removing scrub 2-3/week, and cerave moisturizer. i'll do a face mask on occasion (aka sleepovers with friends or in other social situations, or just relaxing with my roommate in my dorm) and don't breakout. my nose has a lot of clogged pores and blackheads, which were fixed while on accutane, but have since come back, so i need to figure out how to fix that. beside the point, though...

anyway, this will probably be my only update. i may come back and check this post in a bit to see if there are any questions or comments, but other than that, this is it!

good luck!,

former accutane user & success story, 5 years running

(i will not be adding pictures for privacy sake, i'm sorry.)