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Week three recap



I've almost finished my first month and it's pretty exciting actually. I feel like I'm handling the dryness well, I'm still dealing with the cold which absolutely sucks. My pink eye is gone but I have like a broken blood vessel which we do think is accutane related not pink eye related. Sadly I lost my Burt's bees chapstick so I've learned that all of my chapsticks I used to love downright suck. I love EOS and blistex but they do nothing for the dryness. Also because I've had such a bad cold and I'm constantly blowing my nose, my nose is always dry but I've found that a saline nose spray and excema cream or chapstick helps. Even though really chapstick does nothing for your lips it helps with a raw nose. AND! I haven't been getting acne around my nose as I usually would if I got stuff like that on that area. I'm still breaking out a little bit and the scabs are taking forever to heal. My scars are also not going away very well either. The pictures I attached show how red my skin is with both the scars and actives, but the darker/brighter red ones are the active zits while all the lighter pink is just scarring! Believe it or not my skin is getting very smooth! It's hard to cover all the redness with makeup because all my marks are kinda dark, but seeing how easily putting on foundation is makes me happy (doesn't stay on too well with all the flakiness though) the last picture is me with makeup, and to clarify- I don't wear actual foundation, I wear bb cream. I've always been scared of foundation because its always too heavy and breaks me out, so im not sure how well this would be covered with something heavier. You can also see the mark on my eye that hasn't gone away since my pink eye has cleared up, not quite sure what to do with that as it doesn't bother me and I don't want to make another trip to the doctors so I will just wait for my next dermatologist appointment.C05BFE6D-84A8-47A5-96AC-4FB91255D508.thumb.jpeg.d7abb48e0732e4077108bbe794edffe1.jpeg7AB672BB-29A8-4C2D-B4D0-9A5EE5B49C68.thumb.jpeg.e46e49b45623e0db3bb96d11a599b76a.jpeg9DB7D457-1B6F-4312-9C33-AFD68FCD1002.thumb.jpeg.304ab47ef82b5e5452d9ec69928a7108.jpeg


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