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Week 2 recap



So this is a pretty late week two recap mostly because I just have no clue what the days are anymore because I don't have classes over the holidays lol. Anyway my skin hasn't changed much since two days ago which would have marked end of week two. The dryness really isn't bothering me at all lately, I got a new moisturizer which is absolutely heavenly and the only dryness I've been dealing with is around my nose and lips. I've been using otc excema cream around my nose and regular Burt's bees chapstick. I only have to moisturize like twice a day but I have to reapply chapstick constantly so that's kind of a pain. New zits are still popping up but they really aren't alllll that bad, what bothers me most is that they are constantly scabbing up and falling off. Same with my acne scars, it's like they don't retain moisture and flake off multiple times a day which is so weird to me. My spots are also like bright bright red so it's pretty hard to cover. ALSO! Foundation and contacts are a pain in the ass so im just wearing glasses and avoiding skin makeup unless I need it.54A1E34E-11C7-4452-A575-F510AF9798DC.thumb.jpeg.c301d3633ba031684034e7ac3359a3a6.jpeg3633A1F2-8A8D-4520-9F7A-083B0179BA62.thumb.jpeg.1dee2b241cce72fff62de7eafc872a52.jpegAE3C92FE-D089-4654-9C52-9165CE628FC4.thumb.jpeg.eefcd28399f6783c9fdfec7e13a39e05.jpeg