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Diet Changes....Again



Today in a moment of utter frustration, i took myself to barnes and noble and purchases a book on inflammation.  Due to other reasons beside my skin, I believe my body is definitely in an inflammatory state.  Things i notice include:


not going to the bathroom regularly

dealing with a cold going on a month now (even though the weather has not been all that bad)

feeling overall lethargy

low energy levels

massive moments of brain fog

emotional highs and low


I haven't been eating right for my body for a while and i'm experiencing so much emotional stress that started off at work and snowballed when my friend passed away.  It's gotten work as my dad is now sick.  I can't afford to fall apart now.


I wanted to try this before illicitng help from a nutritionist (thankfully covered by insurance).  I will also follow up with my naturopath in February or March and hopefully i can get guidance moving forward. In the meantime, feeling so depressed with all the circumstances happening in my life to people that I love.  

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Hey lady iv seen you post around here for a while now through my research of trying to find a cure. Have u tried fermented cod liver oil from green pastures? It really cleared me. I just made a post about it which u can read if u like. 

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