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Subcision + TCA Cross + Low Dose Accutane (Photos)



* Day 3 *

- Seems like scabs are slowly forming 

- Most of the treated spots became so much darker

- Trying to keep spots moist all the time (3~5 times a day) with polysporin and Taro-Mupirocin 

- Swelling slowly going down but still there

- I had 4 subcision point and 3 of them are healing pretty well but one of them has a really big hole and does not seem to be healing well.

- Had small bruises around the subcision points and I felt a little pain and discomfort but I feel better on 3rd day


It is  frustrating and depressing to look at the mirror every day and see all these scabs and dark treated spots on my face.. it is very mental draining..

I will try to stay strong and focus on something else.. all I can do now is to wait and hope I heal well, I guess :smileys_n_people_38:

Have a great holiday everyone!