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Day 2



Ok so technically day 2 is day 3 and day 1 was the morning after I took the first pill but whatever. I was not expecting it to affect me this fast. My skin hasn't started to change any which isn't a surprise but I am DRY. I heavily moisturerize normally anyway but after I showered today my nose was definitely a little flaky on one side but my eyes and the inside of my nose are super dry. I'm going without contacts today so my contacts don't fall out from being too dry. I'm taking 30mg of claravis and I'm 100 pounds so I guess because I'm lighter it's taking effect faster, my friend is 150 and he started out on 30 and didn't have any effects for a week or so. It might also be because it's 30 degrees outside. I will be moisturerizing like crazy from now on, will also be looking into nasal spray and eyedrops