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Low Dose Accutane (D109) / TCA Cross (D94)



Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day) - Day 109

  • It took me about 109 days until the initial break is finished.. holy...
  • Face became extremely prone to scarring > most recent pimples left me one deep box car and one deep ice pick scars (Yellow circled); 
  • Face so dry
  • It is certain that the side effects is certainly less severe for low dose
  • Overall, for past 109 days, my face got worse and worse everyday 

-TCA Cross: test treated - Day 94  (Red circled)

  • I thought they got improved about 15% in depth but this week they became very deep pitted ice pick scars. I was comparing them with my old pictures and I am certain they got worse maybe due to Accutane?
  • One of the treated scar got conned with another scar.

I made an appointment for my TCA + Subcision session on 21st but I am now so worried about my scars getting worse because of TCA.. my face is so damn prone to scarring now.. it is extremely sensitive and dry.. 

Maybe I should stop taking acctuane 1 week before the treatment and start again 1 week after the treatment..

I think my next post will be after the treatment of TCA Cross and subcision.