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For Pickers



Also, i forgot to mention a new cream i just got that in 2 days has healed picking wounds like nothing ive ever tried! (ive said his before about Derma E Psorzema cream, and maybe the Dermatouch retinol day cream) but this one is FOR REAL, better than everything else!!!!


IS Clinical sHEALd Balm.

OMG. You guys. Pickers out there....we are all looking for some magical lotion to put on after a picking spree. This is it. I thought ive found it before, but no. THIS is the one.

After my most recent picking spree, i had like 3 big flat wound spots on my cheeks. For like a week they didnt heal one little bit, not with polysporin or retinol or aloe or any of my usual post-picking lotions. You know when you think ur skin just doesnt heal anyore and youll have those wounds forever? Then i got this balm. Its thick and calming, and the next morning.....HEALED. Went from red and open to light pink and smooth. Now 2 days later....almost totally gone. This stuff if great! It is $92 bucks a tube but it WORKS. I dont wanna sound corny and like a commercial but seriously......pickers....get this stuff!


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