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Stepping up my game



Ok so...just rewinding a lil bit for my own memory... Back in October i went home for a visit and my skin magically got really good while i was home. Came back and had a picking spree riht off the bat (probably was a treat to myself after not picking the whole week i was at home - hence why my skin was so good). After that picking spree i got an IPL facial and my skin was great after that. Then started picking again, and just now (like a month later) my skin is finally getting "good" again. Anyways thats not the point of this post. Basically i have decided that 2019 will be the year i get good skin. Like GOOD skin. Ive made a list of treatments im getting in 2019:


IPL Photofacial (have already had one and have 2 more booked)

Chemical Peel


Micro needling


Forma Skin tightening

I have also started using medical grade skincare (IS Clinical and  ZO) which are actually doing something , which i was skeptical about.

So im suuuuper determined and committed to get my shit togther in 2019 once and for all (i say this every new year) The thing is, i can get all of these treatments and use the best skincare but at the end of the day, if i keep picking, my skin will still be shit. Picking can un-do the best treatments and skincare in 15 mins flat. After all these years ive realized that my picking is the problem. Not my skin. If i leave it alone its fine. When i pick i cause problems i wouldnt have had otherwise, so i really bring it upon myself. Picking really is a mental issue. So thats the hardest part. But the better my skin is, the less there is to "trigger" me when i look in the mirror, leading to less picking. The other thing is, in order to even be brave enough to go into the skin clinic, and have people doing things to and getting up close and personal with my skin, it has to be at least it decent shape for me to even show up for my appointments. Which is another tough thing, getting it in shape enough so that i can go get it more in shape lol.


So ya, right now just trying to get a head start on my 2019 goal.


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