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Week 10

Hello! So, I know the title of this blog post is Week 10, even though this is my first ever post about using adapalene and clindamycin, but I wanted to name Week 8 b/c it's the 8th week of me going through my treatment. I was just too lazy to start a blog back in week 1 haha

Skin Type:

Little oily, had mainly closed comedones, not many cysts, acne mainly on my cheeks, moderate acne 

Background Info:

Up to the age of 16, my skin was clear and good. I would be able to eat junk food, pull all nighters, was my face once a day with St. Ives facescrub, play sports and sweat, ect. without getting acne. Towards the end of junior year, it worsened a little, but not tremendously. Around last May (5 months ago I believe) I switched to a new face wash called Clean & Clear Nightime Relaxing Face wash with sea salt. Bad idea! My acne got much worse after a week of using this and I had a rash around my chin area, a cyst for the first time, and new pimples showing up. I stopped using it, and my skin got better but it wasn't perfect. I tried out tea tree oil, aloe vera, and rosehip oil, but there was no major effects. Eventually went to a dermatologist in September.

For my very first treatment, she prescribed this routine - A.M ~ Wash face with benzoyl peroxide (BP), moisturize, apply clindamycin, and apply sunscreen. P.M ~ Wash face with gentle cleanser, moisturize, and apply adapalene.

All Products I Currently Use:

A.M ~ Cerave gentle face wash for normal skin, (Note: Even though my skin can get a bit oily, the face wash still works well for me. Stopped using BP about 4 weeks into my treatment b/c it was drying), moisturize with Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin (I apply two layers of this and it works well b/c it's non-comedogenic), and sunscreen.

P.M ~ Same facewash, moisturize again, and apply differin. 

*I only applied adapalene and clindamycin to my cheeks b/c that's where my acne was the worst. For the other products, I applied it all over my face like normal.

Summary of the Weeks 1-9 of Treatment:

Since I didn't make a blog or anything back in week 1, I'll just summarize what happened. For Weeks 1-4, I didn't use adapalene and clindamycin yet b/c I was too nervous, but I used the other products she suggested (BP, Cerave face wash, Neutrogena lotion). For Weeks 1-4, not much happened. My skin did get drier, so I stopped using BP in week 4. In week 5, I bit the bullet and applied differing and clindamycin. For week 6 and 7 my skin felt drier and redder and it would sting for a minute or two when I applied adapalene and lotion, but it wasn't peeling. I used it every other day until the end of week 7, which is when my skin got used to it. I then used it everyday. Around week 7-8, I felt like my closed comedones and pimples under the skin were coming up on my cheeks but they weren't large pimples or cysts. They felt like a bunch of tiny pimples that were dry and rough to touch - before they were smooth and under my skin. In week 8-9, I noticed the rough pimples on my cheeks were flaking off when I washed my face, even though I wasn't scrubbing it harshly. My skin felt softer and their wasn't as much itchiness, dryness, ect. but there was still some redness on my cheeks. The skin on my forehead, temples, and chin improved even though I didn't apply adapalene and clindamycin there (I think it got better b/c I used a new face wash and switched to a non-comedogenic lotion)

Finally, Week 10 (Present Time):

 My skin on my cheek definitely feels different. It's smoother, has less bumps, and a lot of the small pimples are gone, but it's not completely clear. I still have a few remaining pimples (the same rough ones that haven't fallen off yet) and I got 3 large pimples for the first time in a while. Two of them went away quickly, though. They went away in 1 week, even tho it used to take me 2 weeks. The third pimple is a white head type and has been there for half a week. I think these pimples were also under my skin but it simply took longer for them to come to the surface. The skin on my forehead is smoother too, and my chin and temples are good. I don't pick at pimples at all, which I think helps even though it's sooo hard to resist. Overall, my skin has improved but I'm not quite at the finish line yet. 

That'll will be all for this post and I'll return next week!

Note: Since I didn't start using adapalene and clindamycin until late into my treatment (b/c I was weak lol), I technically used it only for a total of 6 weeks. For the overall treatment, beginning from my first dermatologist visit until now, it has been a total of 10 weeks.


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