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Three Years and Six months Post Accutane



Hello, i was deleting some really old mail from years of accumulation and passed by acne.org notifications so i decided to might as well give an update.

Last time i took a pill of generic accutane, (Claravis?) was June 1, 2015. Since, my face has never been an issue anymore. I get the occasional white head here and there, sometimes a cystic one but that is mainly my fault 'cause i have become too confident and don't take care of my skin. For example i get drunk, or get home too tired from soccer or work that i fall dead asleep without showering or washing my face.

My skin is oily but not as much as before accutane. I wipe it out with Kleenex tissue two times a day so it doesnt show that much, but nothing bothersome.

Your dermatologist will tell you that even after Accutane your skin is not like most who never had issues with acne. Therefore you have to keep a regimen to maintain your skin clean and clear, My regimen to stay clear is:
1. Use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide from Clean and Clear in the mornings.
2. Regular Clean and Clear face wash at night.
and thats it! 

(Typing here sucks, your writing really lags in this site so you have to let it catch up every 3 seconds)

I do get head pimples though, especially when i dont wash it often. I dont want to wash it often too because accutane has made my hair a little bit weak, but not as much as when i was on accutane ...hair used to fall off like crazy. I also have an itching psoriasis-like stuff growing on my right leg. Not sure if its accutane related but after 3 years i might have to go see my dermatologist for a non-acne related diagnosis.

If yo u want to be friends you can add me on facebook, you can send me a message through here to connect or send messages. THIS SITE REALLY REALLY SUCKS NOW, THE WRITING HERE LAGS SO MUCH I HAVE TO KEEP WAITING 3-5 SECONDS FOR MY WRITING TO CATCH UP. 


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