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intro + beginning week 4 :)



let me just say, i TOTALLY regret not creating this blog earlier.

anyways, i also have an accutane progress account on instagram by the same name, which i have posted updates on even before i began accutane.

anyways, hello! i'm a 16 year old american girl struggling with moderate acne which sometimes flares up and becomes cystic.  i first got acne when i was 12, but it was nothing that a little bit of atralin couldn't handle.  before my freshman year of high school, my acne worsened a bit, but not much considering how my skin has recently been lol... anyways my dorm prescribed epiduo forte and aczone, which worked fairly well for a few months and then my acne slowly started to resurface.

at that point, i was really self-conscious-- i didn't want to come to school on the first day with worse skin than when i had left it last year!! so i tried an elimination diet, which ultimately let me down the path of developing an eating disorder.

freshman year, i lost A TON of weight and looked pretty sickly, but my skin was 100% clear and that was all that mattered.  although i believe that my acne is mostly genetic, by eliminating dairy my freshman year, i think that was what made the difference for my skin.

however, i couldn't stay at such a low weight.  i gained weight that spring by eating foods i was uncomfortable with (aka DAIRY) and guess what?? the acne came back with VENGEANCE.  although it wasn't cystic at that point, it was EVERYWHERE.  i went to the dermatologist yet again and he put me on minocycline in june.

from june up until mid-august, my skin was FANTASTIC. the clearest, least oily it's ever been.  however, my body built up a resistance to minocycline and my skin broke out like Crazy!!! all over, both cysts and "normal" sized pimples, but so many of them.  at that point, all i wanted was to start accutane.  my derm thought it would be a good idea, though, to try doxycycline.  it didn't work.  then he put me on bactrim.  it didn't work.

and that was when accutane was literally the ONLY other option i had!! i started 10/28 and have enjoyed it so far! tonight i will be taking my 22nd pill:)

side effects so far:
DRY LIPS.  wow.
REALLY dry face (broke out recently and idk why but its going away)
dry scalp
crusty inside of nostrils
joint pain (worse at the beginning, now, its not so bad)

btw i'm on 40mg myorisan once a day :)

anyways, i hope this blog is helpful to some of you guys!  have a blessed, pimple-free day!


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