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Week 1: So right away my skin started purging. Yikes. My forehead went kinda crazy and has been getting fairly red. At the beginning of the week a lot of clogged pores were coming to surface so I know it’s doing it’s job, but still sucks. Towards the end of the week it looks like it’s more calmed down. My stubborn small pimples on my cheek are really clearing up which has taken me forever and multiple tries to. I did get a couple more pimples on my cheeks but nothing I can’t handle. I’m assuming my skin is still going to purge in week 2 but we will see. As for irritation, no burning other than dryness around my chin area. See you next week 

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Week 2: this week was interesting. I have definitely notice some big improvements and some setbacks. My forehead is clearing up tremendously. Not red and everything is going good there. As for my cheeks, they are less irritated and more calm. My scars are starting to lighten up. I got around 3 pimples but they weren’t noticeable. I don’t know if the purging period is done because the last pimple I got was at the beggining of the week but I don’t want to jinx anything. So everything is slowley but surely clearing up and getting better. The only thing that SUCKS is that my face is so so dry and a bit red. But these symptoms are supposed to be the worse at week 2 so I know it’s only temporary. I will keep updating and see you next week.

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Week 3: 

Well, I jinxed it. My forehead still looks good and my left cheek looks the same and is going well. The right side of my cheek is where it went wrong. I got 2 HUGE pimples. They both were really red and angry. So I guess purging still isn't done which I kind of suspected but that's okay. If I am being honest I am feeling a little bit down about it but I just have to keep reminding myself that its only temporary. On a more positive note, my face is not as red or dry as it used to be.  Keep you updated next week which comes up to the one month mark I'm really excited!!

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Hello, whoever is reading this. Writing this journey using differin gel for my acne. Before I want to say what my skin looks like and issues. I had clear skin my whole life until this half year. I’m currently 16 so still going through puberty so maybe that’s to blame but for the past 6 months I have been breaking out terribly and constantly!!! I’m also very stressed (from school and work) so that has also a factor as well.  Mainly age acne on my cheeks and scars and as well on my forehead and small amount of scars on my chin as well. Also the active pimples right now are pretty red, basically my cheeks. I’m going to be sticking with this product like it’s recommended for at least 3 months, and will doing weekly updates mainly for myself to look back on and for anyone who cares! I am aware that there is a purging period. Although I am really dreading it I know know it will give me better skin. See you in my updates! 


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