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Current Regimen



So looking back at old posts, and feeling super sad for old me and how bad my skin use to look (a reminder for everyone to stick with it) I realized I have not talked about what i am using for my skin besides spiro. So, I do not want to be on spiro forever, and for lack of remembering to take it, I try to take 2 50mg a day, if not every other day or every couple days. Nothing bad happens when i go a couple days without it. I have not gone to the dermatologist since april, but im going next month so ill let you know what she says. Im also on birth control pills for my skin. Another big thing for my skin is DIET. DIET DIET DIET. Sugar, dairy, and greasy foods cause my forehead to break out. Im trying to be healthier anyways so i try to avoid those foods as much as I can but its hard because I have an enormous sweet tooth. I try to drink tons of water a day because water without a doubt helps my skin look healthy and beautiful. CHANGE YOUR PILLOW CASE!!!! I do that at least once a week and NEVER sleep in makeup. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and the night, along with a light olay moisturizer. I use 1% tazorac cream every couple nights or so... I have super dry skin naturally so I cant use it every night. I use a DIY toner of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water about 1-2 times a week to balance my PH level. (some people say not to do this but it works wonders on my skin and I have super sensitve skin so if you are gonna try it make sure to to a small patch test first.) I also use formula 10.06 orange face mask every now and then. I dont know if it does anything for me but i love facemasks so lol. Well, that has been working for me and im pretty happy with the results as you could see from my last update. If anything works for you guys let me know! I cant say i recommend spiro since i had a terrible breakout with it. I would only use it if you were as desperate as i was....


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